During the pre-conference workshop, three independent workshop tracks are offered, CME, CRE, and CYE. Participants can attend any one of the track, as all these sessions will be happening in parallel.

Dec 29, 2017 – Jan 4, 2018 at Prashanti Kutiram

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME on holistic healing includes 7 different diseases (Oncology, Cardiology, Mental Health, Rheumatology, Spinal disorders, Metabolic disorders, Endocrinology). The basic principles of Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) and latest approaches towards Holistic Healing will be addressed. Both theory and practice will be covered in this CME.


Who can participate?

Yoga therapists, Yoga teachers and doctors


Dr. Amith Singh & Dr. Ashween S Bilagi     Contact No: 9341854502


Continuing Research Education (CRE)

In order to promote more researchers in the field of AYUSH, this pre-conference workshop focusing on research is being offered. The content of the course will enable research enthusiasts to grasp basic to intermediary level of research methodology and statistics concepts. Clinicians who would like to incorporate research in their practice; masters and PhD level students who wish to learn basics of research; teachers who desire to learn various techniques and tools used in research will find this workshop useful. It is a five-days workshop, 5 hours per day with theory and practical sessions.


Course syllabus (25 hours)

Introduction of researh in AYUSH – Need & Scope, Research process, Visit of research facility, Developing good research question, Literature review, Softwares for organizing literature – Mendeley, Docear, Key concepts of research methodology (NHST, Sampling, Controlling bias, research design, validity & reliability), Introduction to R for statistical analysis – Installation, descriptive stats, assumption tests, Choice of assessment tools and data collection methods, Statistical analyais using R – Correlation, t-tests, One way ANOVA, interpretation of results and reporting, Statistical analyais using R – chi square test, non-parametric tests, interpretation of results and reporting, Documentation of clinical information for research purpose, applying for grants.


Who can participate?

Clinical practitioners, academicians, MSc, MD & PhD scholars


Dr Judu Ilavarasu  Email: judu@svyasa.org     Contact No: 9035730812

Continuing Yoga Education (CYE)

S-VYASA has developed several advanced yoga techniques based on traditional yoga texts. These advanced yoga techniques are very much useful in the management of NCDs and also promote positive health. Cyclic Meditation, Mind Sound Resonance Technique, Pranic Energisation Technique, Mind Imagery Technique, Mastering the Emotion Technique, Vijnana Sadhana Kausal Technique, Ananda Amruta Sincana these advanced yoga techniques theory and practice will be conducted.


Who can participate?

Yoga therapists and Yoga teachers


Dr Balaram Pradhan  Contact No: 8277908823



Workshops on Yoga for Cancer


As a part of pre-conference, half day workshops on ‘Yoga for Cancer’ will be conducted worldwide. S-VYASA will provide resource materials for the workshop. VYASA/S-VYASA affiliate centers, VYG/ VHG centers and any other institutes can conduct this workshop. Workshop report / photographs has to be submitted to conference email.


Dr. Subramanya Pailoor & Mr. Chirag Hakked   Contact No: 9611420008