• The dimensions of the poster should not exceed 120cm height x. 90 cm width [4 feet x 3 feet]
  • Please prepare your poster to fit the dimensions specified. It is recommended that poster be prepared on one sheet. We recommend you to have flex printing or vinyl printing.
  • Allocate the top of the poster for the title and author name and affiliation as stated on the submitted abstract.
  • The text, illustrations and graphs should be clear enough to read from a distance of two meters.
  • Double sided tape will be available for mounting the posters.
  • Please use the board that displays the same number assigned to you.
  • Set up Poster on Jan 6th morning during tea break 10: 30 – 11 am
  • Poster Presentation  will be on January 6th, 2018, between 2 – 3:30 pm 
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List of selected Abstracts for Poster Presentation

Paper ID Paper Title
2 Sukshma Vyayama: A simple yoga intervention that cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy may practice to help manage treatment side effects, enhance quality of life, and improve clinical outcome
3 Effect of mantra chanting and meditation on compassion and human subtle energy pattern
4 Effect of lotus posture on acupuncture meridian energies:  A controlled trial
5 An individual yoga protocol for a type2 diabetic: A case study
6 Heart mind yoga
7 Subtle energy system of human body based on energy model of yoga and traditional chinese medicine
8 Influence of pyramidal energy and lunar days on germination of green gram seeds
9 Germination of fenugreek seeds with influence of subtle energy of sriyantra and lunar days
10 Role of yoga in pain management
11 Does willingness to exercise affect learning, memory and  motor skills?
13 Impact of selected yogic practices and physical fitness components on college football players
15 Music receptivity: A measure of internalization of music.
17 A retrospective cohort study: To evaluate the efficacy of blood pressure management program in the reduction of essential hypertension
18 Efficacy of comprehensive diabetes care plus program with the reduction of HbA1c in type II diabetes mellitus patients: A retrospective study
22 Prevention of cancer:Role of diet,lifestyle modification & physical exercise
24 Integrating yoga into cancer care: An experiential account
28 Effect of yoga on static and dynamic balance in children with visual impairment
29 Effect of yoga in psychological changes and cognitive function on the children living in the orphanage
31 Effect of yoga on mindfulness and impulsiveness in children with visual impairment: A randomized control trial
32 Compared the surya namaskara and circuit training on muscular and cardiovascular endurance in high school children
33 Role of “Agnihotra—Saumanasasya  data”  in tackling psycological factors in cancer
34 Germination of green gram seeds with the influence of gayatri mantra
35 State anxiety, mindfulness and heart rate variability dynamics in healthy adults
37 Effect of integrated shirodhara and yoga intervention on clinical symptoms, cognitive functions and sleep quality of patients suffering from anxiety disorders
38 Effect of naturopathy treatments on blood glucose level in type 2 diabetes
39 Immediate effects of mud pack to abdomen and eyes on blood pressure and heart rate variability (HRV) in hypertensive individuals
41 Spondylosis and yogic remedial measures
42 Effect of long term community based yoga therapy on glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and psychological parameters in rural population – Single group pre-post design
43 Assessment of depression using electro photonic imaging and study of effect of integrated approach of yoga therapy
44 Effect of BL-13 Feishu), BL-14 (Jueyinshu) and BL-15(Xinshu) on autonomic variables in hypertensive individuals
45 Effect of yoga and naturopathy on anthropometric measures and blood pressure in obesity individuals
46 Effect of yoga and naturopathy on blood glucose level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
47 The effect of needling at BL-13, BL-14 and BL-15 acupuncture points on heart rate variability and blood pressure in healthy individuals
48 Effects of tepid water enema on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals
49 Effect of ice bag application to head and spine on hypertensive patients
50 Effect of sprouted fenugreek seeds powder on blood glucose levls in type 2 diabetes
51 Effect of hot sand fomentation on low back pain
52 Application of spices and honey mixture on pain in patients with neck and shoulder pain
53 Effect of local steam on pain, range of motion and  flexibility in patients with back pain
55 A selective acupoint needling acutely enhances pulmonary functions in healthy individuals
56 Effect of liver-3 (taichong) in heart rate variability and blood pressure in healthy individual
57 Immediate effect of BL17 and BL18 acupuncture points on blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients: A randomized controlled trial
58 Immediate role of two yoga based breathing technique on state anxiety in patients suffering from anxiety disorder: A self as control pilot study.
60 Effect of needling at stomach 36 on blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes mellitus
61 Meditation leads to rhythm and coherence in subtle energy
62 Effect of one-week IAYT on obesity using EPI
63 Iris-diagnosis: A quantitative non-invasive tool to evaluate manifestation of perseverative cognition
64 Yoga breathing enhances psychological wellbeing and reduces mind-wandering
66 Effect of 3 months yoga on glycaeted haemoglobin (HbA1c), anthropometric and clinical parameters on rural population: Single group pre-post design
67 Effects of a traditional education system on adolescents – A descriptive study
68 Comparative analysis between modern and alternative system of medicine in cancer
69 Yoga for psychological health in orphanage: A randomized control study
70 Music as yoga – A path to self realisation ( moksha)
72 Potential curative effects of yoga and ayurveda for cancer
73 Vruksho rakshathi rakshithaha”- A green anti-cancer approach
74 Panchamahabhutas: A better tool for understanding personality trait
75 Effect of yoga practice on urban male obese- A study on anthropometric psychological & body composition parameters variations
76 Effect of cold pack to eye on cognitive functions in healthy medical students
77 Effect of castor oil pack on blood glucose levels in diabetes
78 Efficacy of structured yoga intervention for sleep, GI and behavior problems of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) children: An exploratory study
79 Effect of surya namaskara on reproductive health of teenaged girls
80 Unilateral nostril breathing practice effect on working memory in healthy volunteers- A comparative study
81 Preventive approach to cancer from the perceptive of naturopathy
82 Yoga for chronic kidney disease: A review of scientific evidence
83 To analyse and compile the beneficial effect of mantra on cancer
84 A model for integrative oncology
85 Comparative study on immediate effect of spinal spray and spinal bath on autonomic variables and blood pressure in healthy volunteers
86 A proposal to study the effect of yoga and meditation on hippocampal volumetry and neurogenesis among people with chronic drug resistant epilepsy
88 Traditional nadi pariksha and modern pulse wave analysis: a comparative study
89 Cancer – theoretical principles
90 Diet enriched in fresh coconut saturated fats do not alter the erythrocyte fatty acids
91 Effect of integrated approach to yoga therapy on tridosha status and quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis: A pilot study
92 Moulding lifestyle with morale changes & reformations needed in education
93 Effect of sprouted fenugreek seeds powder on blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes
94 Traditional systems of disease diagnosis
95 Cordyceps sinensis: Its impact on cancer
96 Role of yoga in cardiac ailments
97 A comparison in heart rate variability while performing cognitive task by yoga