• You will be given 10 minutes for Presentation [8 min presentation + 2 min Q & A]
  • Please prepare Power Point slides. Maximum number of slides 15.
  • Avoid animation, slide transition sounds in presentation.
  • Please upload presentation slide in CMT before December 31st, 2017.
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  • Oral Presentation will be on January 7, 2018, between 2 – 3: 30 pm

List of selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation

Paper ID Paper Title
12 Increase of hippocampal density after 10 weeks of Hatha-Yoga measured by structural MRI
16 Efficacy of heart failure reversal treatment followed by 90 days follow up in chronic heart failure patients with low ejection fraction
19 Impact of panchakarma therapy on VO2peak in essential hypertensive patients: an observational study
20 Development, validation and feasibility of a comprehensive yoga therapy program in pediatric cancer patients
23 Role of yoga in managing chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting: a randomized controlled trial
25 Navagraha Model of Śarīra according to Jyotiṣa śāstra and Sāṅkhya Yoga darśanas.
26 An observational study on the prognosis of cancers using holistic prognostic tools
27 Effect of yoga on immune cells in patients undergoing chemoradiation for cervical carcinoma
30 Management of metastatic breast cancer through Ayurveda – A case study
36 Relationship of Symptom burden and quality of life impairment in head & neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy with perceptions of yoga intervention
40 Vernonia Cinerea reverses 5-fluorouracil induced oral mucositis in mice
54 Role of yoga practices on human adaptation in extreme environmental conditions
71 New data analysis for yoga medicine studies:Variances Decrease Significantly
87 Effect of yogic intervention on serum lipid profile and oxidative stress in obese adults
97 Ayurveda based dietary and life-style prescription for prevention of cancer- a conceptual study